Pronghorn 178
Piedmont 409

Oster Lakes 103

Clear Lake 117

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Zone A. 0-1’

Hover: 1” per second - The Hover line is the slowest sinking line Rio manufactures.  This line is great for fishing just under the surface in zone “A” and can be a savior on a windy days when floating line can be difficult to control. This type of line is highly recommended by Denny Rickards.

Zone B. 1’-4’

Aqua & Camo Lux: 1.5”-2” per second - Both Aqua and Camo Lux are the same lines just in a different color, and are a must have for stillwater fly fishing.  Both are a complete camouflage fly line made for the most spooky fish.  Every one should have this line, and is a must for any beginner.

Zone C. 4’-8’

In Touch Deep 3: 3”-4” per second - This moderately sinking line will quickly get you in the “B” zone, but flourishes in the 4-8 foot section.  This is another great all round sinking line that will easily get your streamers and leeches in the feeding zone.

Zone D. 8’-20’

In Touch Deep 5: 5”-6” per second - This quicker sinking line will easily get you into zone “C” in half the time of a #3 sink line.  The sink rate of the #5 sink line is favorable, especially for less patient anglers.
Midge Tip: 1.5” per second - A floating line with a 3 foot Aqua Lux sink tip made to fish the upper most layer of the water.  When retrieving the Midge tip sits best in zone “A”, but if left still on the water, it can find itself in zone “B”.  Phil Rowley will suggest this line when fishing chironomids.
Midge Tip Long: 1.5”- 2” per second - A floating line with a 6-foot Camo Lux makes this a great line for zone “A” when stripped quickly, but flourishes in Zone “B”.  This line also has an ultra low stretch manufactured in its core, this makes for a super fast hook set.  This line is also recommended by Phil Rowley when fishing chironomids.
In Touch Deep 6: 6”-7” per second - The fast sinking lines are built with a heavy head for the ultimate casting ability. In seconds you will be passed zone “A”, “B”, and “C” into zone “D” where fish like to hold in the summer months.
In Touch Deep 7: 7”-8” per second - With the quick decent rate, # 7 sink line will get you down to the fish in no time.  Like #6, Deep 7 is meant for the deepest part of any lake, and will keep your fly down for the best possible chance of catching a deep cruising fish.

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Stillwater Destinations

Duck Valley  147

Little Camas 70

Dead Wood 90

Brundage Res 120

Halverson Lk 39

Magic Res. 136

Horsethief  87

Henrys Lake 376

Mormon Res. 104




Island Park  360

Mt. Home Res. 48

Hebgen Lake 401

Sage Hen Res 73

Indian Creek 20

Lake Lowell 29

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Bruneau  65
Crittenden  267


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