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Current Report as of:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Continues to fish excellent......although, the word is out.....expect a few folks on the river.  Pinks have been sparse in most area’s, but heavy enough on parts of the river to interest a few fish.   Expect Baetis hatches just about every afternoon, but they are always heaviest on overcast/rainy days.  Don’t hesitate to skate a cranefly.....loads of fun watching fish trying to eat them.

Nymphing as usually is producing the best results......point fly should be larger with a bit of flash, dropper/trailer should be small and plain.

Few folks are pitching streamers......not a bad plan for enticing the larger fish, may be even a bull trout. 

Caddis in the evening.....John forgot to mention caddis....Derek

South Fork Boise River

Current Report as of:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Current flows are 240cfs, no word yet as to when the river will drop to winter levels.....or what those levels will be.  Lets hope it’s higher than 15cfs this year.

Overcast, rainy day’s are the best day’s to fish......surface activity is far better than on sunny day’s.  Mahogany Dun’s, Midges, and Baetis are making up the bulk of the food source, few caddis and cranefly’s are present.  Not a bad time to throw streams, as the browns are beginning to stage.  Nymphing is a bit difficult as the weed beds continue to breakdown....we’re hearing a few complaints about having to clean flies off every other cast. 

The river appears busier than it is, a fair number of hunters are also utilizing the canyon. 

Owyhee River

Current Report as of:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Silver Creek

Hard to find a better place to spend an afternoon in the fishing the creek this time of year.

Decent Mahogany Duns and Baetis hatches are bringing fish to the surface in the afternoon.....few fall caddis, but little interest to the fish.

Don’t hesitate to throw a float tube in and fish the hot springs on Magic reservoir.....have seen lots of great photo’s lately.

Current Report as of:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Big Wood River

The wood is starting to fish......haven’t heard anything of size, but good numbers of fish willing to eat.  The river is in it’s rebuilding stage......can’t wait to see how it fishes this winter and next spring. 

Red quill’s, caddis, baetis, and midges from top to bottom......although properly places prince nymph rarely escapes notice.

Current Report as of:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Boise River In Town

Flow are down, currently 320cfs, expect minor adjustments.  Fishing has been pretty solid lately, reports of anglers throwing streams and turning sizable brown trout is fairly common.  It’s definitely worth exploring the river.....many new area’s for these fish to better time to discover them.

Nymphing is still king, make sure to have a few hot spot hare’s ears....great fly.

Don’t hesitate to fish as far down as Star.......turned a couple nice rainbows in the area this week.


Current Report as of:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Middle Fork/North Fork

Boise River

Truly one of the best fall fishery’s we have.....just love the middle fork.  The fish are small this year, but what they lack in size, they make up with heart.  About the only folks utilizing the river corridor right now is hunters.  So grab an orange hat, orange stimulators, and a copper john and enjoy one of the best keep secrets in the valley......just drive careful around the reservoir.  

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